The Guidance To Repair Led Modules

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The Guidance To Repair Led Modules

Foreword:Today, LED displays can be found everywhere, in large shopping malls, roadside stores, elevators and even taxis.It brings a fast and convenient information age to our life, and also adds a beautiful color to the city's environmental decoration.

BUT Due to the lack of LED Screen hardware maintenance technology, most LED display users can only send the faulty LED modules Hardware back to the manufacturer for repair, resulting in many problems such as high product transportation costs and deep customer complaints(as shown in the following figure ).To this end, we wrote "The Guidance To Repair Led Modules" article, for your reference




II LED Modules Construction

    LED Modules It is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of the LED modules directly affects the performance of the display screen.The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB.The LED module is actually composed of many LED luminescence points encapsulated by resin or plastic lattice.       


LED Module Framework



LED Module Power SupplyCables



Common Use LED Module Chips Information



Function Description

PIN Definition




Power Amplifier



8-Channel High Speed

COMS Bus transceiver

Signal Power Amplification





ICN 2038S

Drive IC




16-Channel Constant Current Cink Output LED Driver.

Precise control of lamp bead luminescence






Decoding Chip





8-Bit Binary Decoder, 74HC138 Is Used To Select Display Rows






4953 Line Management Chip





The Current Required to Drive A Whole Row Of LED Lamps Is Relatively Large, So It Is Necessary To Use 4953 To Drive








An energy storage device that provides energy to a local device can homogenize the output of the voltage regulator and reduce load requirements


III LED Module Fault DescriptionSolutions 

 Q1: The whole LED module have no power / dark screen ;
   A1:Check the LED module power supply/ module power cable and power connector working good or not


 Q2: Two or more LED modules connected together, Showing the image is abnormal;
   A2: Check  the LED modules data cable / HUB port data connector working good or not








Q3: When the LED modules powered on, there is single led lamp or several led lamps are black or the color show is inconsistent ;
A3: If check the led lamp is dark that maybe is the led lamp death this situation please replace to the new led lamps If check the led lamps the color showing is inconsistent But when you press with your finger, the color returns to normal this situation is which the led lamps are by poor welding then please welding the led lamps to working good

Q4: When the module powered on,there are one row of led lamps or several rows of leds lack of color
A4: Check if 74HC138 Decoding Chip and 4953 line Management Chip the Power Pin whether poor welding or short circuit then fix it or replace to new Chip


Q5:When LED module power on, there is one line of led lamps the color display is inconsistent
A6:This fault is caused by the failure of the driver IC pin that controls the color display in this area. First, this IC needs to be found, The correct driver IC can be found by the circuit diagram on the back of the LED module then replaced and repaired the driver IC




IV LED Module Repair Process

Tools :


Heat Gun﹠Electric Soldering Iron :
 Weld and extract LED lamps / chips and other components
Screw Driver :
 Remove and install the screws to the mask and bottom housing
Silicone Glue :
Used in outdoor modules to repair the lamp bead, applied around the lamp bead, used for outdoor modules waterproof
Copper Wire / Tin / Solder Paste :
Consumables needed for repair of LED modules






Finally, most of the faults of the LED modules is caused by reasonable failure rates

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