The Difference of LED display and LCD display solution for a screen project

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LED display advantages

1. Seamless splicing
The LED display is composed of a number of modules, and there is no obvious joint between the modules, and it will not have a border like the LCD splicing screen, so it will not be blocked and affect viewing.

2. Waterproof against high and low temperatures

LED display high level of protection, can be used in a variety of harsh outdoor environments, wind and rain are not afraid, so most of the outdoor large screen is LED display.

3.  adjustable brightness

The brightness of the LED display can be freely adjusted, in different lighting conditions, can be adjusted to the brightness suitable for human eyes, outdoor bright light can also clearly see the display content.

4. Installation dimensions are flexible and customization

LED display size can be customized, in addition to the ordinary flat display, can also be made into the naked eye 3D screen, spherical screen, curved screen and other shaped screen, to achieve creative display effect.

LED display disadvantages

1. Resolution

The resolution of the LED display is much lower than that of the LCD Mosaic screen. Even the resolution of small-pitch products is difficult to compare with LCD splicing screens, and the smaller the point spacing, the higher the price.

2. High after-sales service rate

LED display in the common SMD package lamp beads will fall off, dead light and other phenomena, and more frequent, it will increase the after-sales rate and cost. But at present, our company has activities, the order is sent to the warranty period, after-sales protection.

3. Required auxiliary cooling

If installed outdoors, the temperature of the conventional LED display will be very high. To achieve rapid heat dissipation, air conditioners or fans will be installed. However, our outdoor energy-saving aluminum screen self-cooling technology is mature, no need to install air conditioning fans.

4. low contrast resolution

Low contrast will cause the brightness and level of the picture is not rich enough, so the picture is not good, which is not as good as the LCD splicing screen.

LCD  screen advantages

1. High resolution

2.  the brightness is suitable

The brightness of the LCD splicing screen is the same as that of the TV, which is suitable for long-term viewing without glare

3. High contrast

LCD splicing screen light and dark contrast is strong, the picture is rich and delicate.

4, stable and durable, low after-sales rate

The use rate of LCD splicing screen is low in the later maintenance, which can greatly reduce the later use cost of LCD splicing screen.

LCD screen defects

1, there is a patchwork
The traditional LCD splicing screen is limited by the LCD panel itself, and there will be a border around the screen, so that the splicing will form a few millimeters wide splicing gap, which looks like a black edge. If it is displayed in full screen, the viewer experience will be affected.

2, can only be used indoors
The LCD splicing screen is mainly LCD panel, internal electronic components, not waterproof, can only be used in indoor dry environment.

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