How to make the LED display screen more environment-friendly

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Environment-friendly has become one of the main themes in modern times, social in progress, but the pollution of environment is constantly expanding, so human have to protect our home, and today, all walks of life are also made in advocate environment-friendly products, then LED display enterprise how to develop design does not produce light pollution and waste of electricity energy LED display,this has become an important product performance that manufacturers must solve.

LED display screen has been widely used in every street corner of the city, has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, but it beautifies the image of the city at the same time, the screen body of the strong light has also caused a certain negative impact on the night life of urban residents. Although the LED industry is a "light" industry, the display "light" is not to be blamed, but measured from the city's environmental pollution indicators, it has become a new type of pollution "light pollution". Therefore, the enterprise should pay attention to the problem of "light pollution" in the production, and should control the setting of brightness. While reducing light pollution, the most important thing is that customers can get more energy efficient solutions

How to make the LED display screen more environment-friendlyFirst of all we can make better solutions of the control system. Mostly there are two way of the updated control can make LED display more environment friendly.

1.The first wayAdopt automatic brightness adjustment system.

Depending on day and night, small changes in display brightness can make a big difference in different environments and times of day.If the brightness of the LED display is 50 percent higher than the ambient brightness, our eyes will obviously feel uncomfortable, thus causing "light pollution".

Then we can collect the ambient brightness at any time through the outdoor brightness acquisition system, and use the display control system to receive the system data and automatically convert it into the brightness suitable for the environment to broadcast pictures through the software.

2.The second wayMulti-level gray correction technology.
The ordinary LED display system uses 18bit color display level, so in some low gray scale and color excessive place, the color will display is very stiff, so it will cause the color light is not suitable.The new LED large screen control system uses a 14bit color display level, which greatly improves the hardness of color in excess, so that people feel soft color when

watching, and avoid people's discomfort with light.

The gray level of the LED display box refers to the brightness series that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of the full-color LED display. The higher the gray level of the full-color LED display, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the color. On the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple. The increase of gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, so that the display level of image color increases geometrically.

Meanwhile,In terms of power consumption, while using luminescent material is energy-saving LED display itself, but some need to be used in the display area is larger, due to the long time use, the overall power consumption still is bigger, because it need higher brightness, under the action of these comprehensive factors, the display of power consumption is quite amazing,Then all the electricity costs of advertising owners will increase exponentially.Therefore, LED Display can save energy through the following 4 points:

1. By using high light-efficiency LEDs, the light-emitting chip does not cut corners.

Luminescence efficiency is a parameter of a light source, which is the ratio of luminous flux to power.Depending on the situation, this power may refer to the radiant flux output by the light source, or the energy (electrical, chemical, etc.) that provides the light source.

Our company would chose high quality LEDs with high light-efficiency,such as Kinglight and Nationstar LEDs just most well know and stable quality LEDs brands
2.High efficiency switching power supply, greatly improve the power conversion efficiency;

Efficiency is the basic index of any switching power supply, any switching power supply design should first consider efficiency optimization, because high efficiency helps to extend the working time of the battery, consumers can have more time to enjoy the various functions of portable products.In the design of switching power supply, in order to obtain the highest conversion efficiency, the engineer must understand the mechanism of the loss in the switching circuit, so as to find the way to reduce the loss.In addition, engineers also need to be familiar with the various characteristics of switching power supply devices, in order to choose the most appropriate chip to achieve high efficiency indicators.Energy conversion systems must have efficiency losses, so in practical applications we can only achieve a conversion efficiency close to 100%.At present, some high quality switching power supply on the market can reach about 95% efficiency.
3.Excellent panel heat dissipation design to reduce fan power consumption;
4.Design scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the power consumption of the internal circuit;

Above all, if customer need environment-friendly LED display screen, beside add the brightness sensor, the most available solution is chose our outdoor Energy saving items.

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