How to control the perimeter LED screen?

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The perimeter LED display screen is widely used in various sports events, especially football and basketball courts . because of the perimeter screen with special proportion that the length of the screen would even hundreds times than height,  so it is difficult to use the traditional control system if the perimeter screen need play special video or pictures. In many cases, professional Zither system needs to be added.

the following article, we will introduce the solution of the control system of the perimeter screen in two ways.The first is to play perimeter screen without using Zither system on the basis of Novastar control system.The second is to add Zither system


1. Without professional Zither system,how to control the perimeter screen only with Novastar system?


We will take a case of the perimeter screen to show how to make the control.

Case:cabinet resolution 128*90,8cases combined as a full picture window,two sides each side 7 windows、the middle are 11 windows total 25 windows,total length pixel 25600 dots and total height pixel 90dots perimeter screen.


Solution A:Novastar studio software simulation:

Setting 25 Windows in studio and connect the cabinets in the software

If the perimeter just use the NovaStar software simulation system, the screen can only display images in separate Windows, can`t play videos. Such a solution have advantage that can saving cost without professional Zither system, and suitable for the stadium match that do not need video play


Solution B :Customized the video or picture resource whit the request resolution for the perimeter screen.

For this solution, if the perimeter screen no need play much of the videos but just several videos or pictures, customers can make the customized videos without added professional Zither system, but this solution just too complicated, not good solution while the customized videos would cost much also.

1. Control the perimeter screen which add the professional Zither system


Perimeter Screen is the best solution for situations where video needs to be played is to cooperate with the Zither system.


When the conventional LED control card is loaded with ultra-long LED screen, the disadvantages of insufficient length with loaded points and redundant height with loaded points will appear.
By processing the input data, the perimeter control system can meet the need of ultra-long screen resolution while the technical data of the original LED control card remain unchanged. It can convert the redundant load height of the control card into load length, so as to maximize the use of LED control card with.


As below is a illustration based on a case to show the principle

There are many brands of the professional Zither system suppliers, anyway, the perimeter screen should chose basic control system like Linsn or Novastar, as below we will show our cooperator`s professional Zither system



System Instruction:

LED perimeter system is composed of Zither Editor (software) and Zither Player (hardware).

Zither Editor:Program editing, playlist management, display section settings is operated on the Zither editor and transmitted to the Zither player via the network cable CAT6.

Zither Player:Zither Player will display the program according to the pre-set playlist


Support program folded display and synchronous output

Breaking the resolution restriction on general LED controller card, making LED controller card most effective used, managing folded content display smartly.

Multiple display effects

Displaying program simultaneously.Districting display.Combination display.
Image stream display: Scrolling display a stream of pictures which allows to set moving speed.Text effect: Go-round display of text, text speed setting, text editing manually.
Image effect: fade in.

For example, if customer need show a continues full length of the video such as a football from the first cabinet to the end, customer can simulated the video in the system .

Flexible combination modes of cabinets

1-n units of cabinets can be grouped as display sections at random. All display sections can broadcast synchronously.

Support variants file formats

Image formats: JPG, PNGVideo formats: AVI, MPG, MP4 Character format: TXT
Supporting editing text message manually.

HD and 4K pixel output

The maximum output resolution is 4K. One set of LED controller card is enough for entire perimeter screen.

Pause and play

Pause and play on-going playlist at any time without picture shaking

Visual configuration

Input the number of perimeter screen’s sides, display sections for every side, and cabinets for every section. Set the pixel for every cabinet, then you may preview display effect on entire perimeter screen.

Support insert-play

Any created general playlist can work as an insert-playlist, to display premium sponsor’s programs when a "special events" happens, such as goals etc. whilst the original playlist will be paused and keep playing after that automatically.

Linkage with Ultra Score System

Linking with Match Score System can display the scoring and timing screen.



As below are some illustrations to show the different solutions for the perimeter screen which added the Zither system .

The advantage of this solution is that the perimeter screen can be play the videos and pictures, but the added Zither system should cost more.



3.This article is just a brief introduction to the Perimeter Screen solutions that make it possible for your customers to choose a variety of solutions based on your actual budget and broadcast requirements.

Our company has a lot of experience in Perimeter Screen projects, especially football perimeter screen projects. Some of our customer don`t need video play on to the perimeter screen but only advertising pictures, the Novastar control system would performance well. Most customers need video play onto the perimeter screen, the best solution is add the professional Zither system, you can final the supplier by your self or we can make offer to you with better service and better price.

Finally, there are many different sports requirements for sports LED screens, such as basketball court, baseball field, gymnastics field, water court, hockey court, etc. Our company can provide professional solutions to customers in combination with professional software companies, and you can contact our salesman to learn about the customized design. 

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