How to choose the curved LED display screen solution

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Curved LED display screen is a special shaped LED screen widely used in exhibition, stage and shopping mall.Many customers choose a curved screen have a various consideration for choice of solutions and installation issues.The following article describes the points and considerations for how to chose curved screens solutions.


1. Classification of curved screen

According to the bending direction, the curved surface is divided into inner curved and outer curved

The inner curve is that the surface bending inward when facing the screen, The outer curved is that the surface bending outward when facing the screen

According to the classification of screen shape, curved screen can be divided into circular screen, column screen, general curved screen and special shape curved screen.

2. How to chose curved screens solutions.

A. Soft modules +Steel cabinet

This solution is chosen by most curved screens. Soft modules can be used for both inner and outer curved. Customers can send us screen design CAD firstly,The steel cabinets can be customized according to the radian required by the customer, while the soft module is usually attached to the box by magnets, and can also be fixed and installed with screws.


However, the soft module solution mostly only suitable for indoor curved screen, for outdoor soft module solution will be too much expensive.

B. Small size LED modules+steel cabinet


For outer curved screens and inner curved screens with small curved radian, if the radian is not large, you can choose small size modulessuch as160*160mm with customized iron or aluminum cabinets


The advantage of this solution is valuable performance and can be used as an outdoor curved screen.The downside is that you can only do screens with relatively small radian.


C. Customized Die-casting cabinets + modules or ordinary Die-casting cabinets with curved lock.

In some cases, customers may need rental curved screens and need customized curved die-casting cabinets with customized modules , in which case the cost is relatively high. Ordinary die-cast aluminum cabinets with radian lock can only control in +-15 degrees, and radian lock is not easy to adjust.


These two solutions, unless the customer offers, are generally not recommended.


3. Notes for curved screens selection

A: Choose the right solution over the expensive one.

For curved screens with small screen radian, we recommend that customers use the solution of ordinary small size module + iron /aluminum cabinets, because soft modules are usually installed by magnets. Although the bending degree is good, the edge of the modules may become aging and warped after a long time, affecting the flatness of the screen.

Ordinary small size modules can do outdoor curved screen solutions, such as P10mm outdoor 160mm*160mm module.


B:The magnetic strength of the soft module has a great influence on the screen quality,

We will choose the material with strong magnetic force to make our soft module, because if the magnetic force is not strong, the adsorbed module above will squeeze the module below and cause the deformation of the module, which will affect the service life and quality of the whole screen.


In general, the curved screen solution needs to be formulated according to the overall effect requirements of the customer's budget. With the update of technology, we will launch more outdoor soft module curved screen products to meet customer needs.

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