How to Choose The Best Outdoor Front Service LED Display Solution?

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This Article will bring you to better understand the front service led display when you are looking for the front access outdoor led screens.there have three solutions:frontal opening led display cabinet,front screws led display module design and dual service led display module for quick installation and maintanence.


Point 1:Know generally of the outdoor installation LED screen

LED display screen is widely used in outdoor, the most important two points for the outdoor led screen are brightness and waterproof level. In terms of brightness, it is generally required to reach 3000-7000nits due to outdoor daylight exposure, in some special areas such as the equatorial zone which even need higher brightness request reach to >10,000 Nits.


In terms of waterproof level, the outdoor led screen waterproof level is generally IP65 for the front side, and IP68 can be considered for places with high salinity and humidity such as the seaside.


However, when we install the outdoor led screens on some outdoor walls with have no extra space at the back, we usually need LED screen solutions of the front maintenance to save the cost of installation structure and to make LED modules` maintenance more effective.The solutions of the outdoor front service LED Wall mainly take waterproof into consideration, which is much more complicated. If we do the front maintenance for the outdoor LED screen, the screen structure can be relatively simple, just need leave enough space for heat dissipation and ventilation, the illustration is the solutions for front maintanence outdoor LED screen



Point 2: Solution-1 Outdoor Frontal Opening LED Display Cabinet


Regarding outdoor front maintenance, we used to choose the front opening type or screwing solution. Both of these two solutions can do front maintenance.



The features of the front opening are:

1) The module is back service but makes the cabinet can be open from the front. If the modules or the parts of the cabinet are broken, you need to open the cover of the cabinet with a hydraulic lever to open the cabinet and you can repair the broken parts.



2) Due to the need to open the cover of the installation module, the cabinet needs to be waterproofed to make 100% degree guarantee, so that the water does not enter from the bottom of the cabinet.



3) Also due to the front opening cabinet need to open from the front when making maintenance, the front opening design is only suitable for small wall mounted led display which are only with one row or one line.



4) And the material of the front opening cabinet can be only iron or aluminum, which is relatively heavy and bulky, and requires more manpower and material resources during transportation and installation.

all the outdoor pixels can be made as front service opening led signs, but they can’t be large screens.



Point 3: Solution-2 Frontal Screws LED Display Module Design


1) The module can be removed from the front of the cabinet by removing the screws on the module, and then you can take modules and get repaired. If you need to repair the power supply or receiving card, you need to remove the module first, and then check and get them repaired .


2)The front service modules with screws assembled on cabinets, sometimes the cabinets are easy to get wet in raining days, and the leds are dead and led display can not working normally if the screws in the front of the modules are not nailing in well.


3)also front service modules with screws , there are currently only assembled on iron or aluminum cabinet , and the cabinet is heavier.


3) Front service modules can make bigger screens, we tried from P5 SMD to P16 DIP, but finally, they out of the market because of the inconvenience of assembling and maintenance. Also they are facing a risk of water leakage!



Point 4.Solution-3 Dual Service LED Display Module

The size of the outdoor frontal service module is 320x320mm or 250mmx250mm, the bottom shell and the mask are fixed by bolts,and there are four sets of positioning posts installed symmetrically on the corners of the bottom shell,which makes the assembled box more compact and flat. and the backside of the outdoor frontal service module has a designed groove,with a waterproof rubber ring to achieve IP65 waterproof effect,which ensuring the assembled cabinet can work in heavy rain.



The Outdoor frontal service led display module has two pairs of fast locks,which are used for fixing the modules into the cabinet, no screws are required. .that module can be easily installed into a cabinet with a special tool, and also it only takes less than one minute to remove the module.Fast and Labor Saving

The Frontal service led module can be used for standard 960x960mm/640x640mm magnesium alloy cabinet for 320mmx320mm led module, and 500x500mm/500x1000mm for 250x250mm led module, which not be squeezed and deformed when working at high and low temperatures and lighter and thinner than the traditional front-opening steel cabinet, as the weight only 26kg.This frontal service led cabinet which saves transportation costs and labor for installing the display. Moreover, the power supply and receiving card can be directly removed from the front side as this magnesium alloy cabinet design,the required installation space is small and no rear maintenance channel is required. Greatly reduce the cost of the structure


Furture Solution: IP68 front service solution based on front service module


In order to solve the problem of less space in the backdoor, people dope out different solutions constantly. What will be the best solution to solve the problem? I think the Aluminium IP68 frontal service module will be the destination.


a.The highest waterproof level-IP68 protection

The Aluminium IP68 frontal service module is a fully enclosed design with 3in1 waterproof plug. The lamp base adopts double liquid glue filling technology, making the module achieve the highest level - IP68.

b.The strong environmental adaptability

The module is made by Aluminium which is not easy to fire, high temperature resistant, fast heat dissipation. It can work stable in an outdoor environment with high protection.



C.The Contrast with Normal Module

The normal module needs to use more screws when you install and maintain them. While the Aluminium frontal service module is designed with a fast lock. Only two steps to maintain the screen.


The normal module electric components are exposed to the open air. While the Aluminium frontal service module is designed with enclosed aluminium. So that it can protect all the components better.


Conventional plastic products have low heat conduction points and release the harmful substance PVC at high temperatures. The recovery rate is only 1%. The aluminum frontal service module has a high heat conduction point, good heat dissipation performance, no harmful substances released, and the recovery rate is as high as 85%.


Anyway, the outdoor front service LED screen solutions updated by years, the newest solution under developing is that the module&power supply&power cable&data cable assembled as one unit. Next Article we will launch the newest outdoor front service assembled modules solutions for you.

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